Freestyle Challenge

Learn the basic tricks of the Football Freestyle categories in a 7-week online course.

The perfect challenge for you or your club!

Freestyle Challenge - Trailer

Here you can get information about the challenge!

Why the course is also an ideal opportunity for clubs.

Freestyle Challenge - Trick Teaser

This is a sample video. You will learn a total of 28 tricks.

The online course gives you further important tips for learning the tricks.

Freestyle Challenge

Die Freestyle Challenge ist ideal für jeden Fußballbegeisterten, da Sie einen gute Möglichkeit bietet alleine oder als TEAM gemeinsam Fortschritte zu machen und sich gegenseitig zu motivieren.

Freestyle Workshop

The freestyle workshop at your place is always the absolute highlight for the kids. The workshop can be adapted to all wishes and offers the framework for a freestyle show, freestyle training, brain kinetics, soccer competitions and much more ...

Online Training

The online training can serve as a supplement to the Freestyle Challenge and includes other focal points, such as the BRAINKINETIK training.

In addition, the online training can also be booked without the challenge and the desired focus can be carried out online as a TEAM training.

customer testimonials

"The mascot Hoffi as well as the Crailsheimer local hero and soccer freestyler Chris Bennet Bröker paid a visit to the participants and not only delivered an amazing show, but also left a lasting impression."

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Fußballschule

“We were very happy about the active participation of our kickers. Every week we received numerous submissions of video clips of rehearsed tricks, which show that our boys and girls have really got what it takes with the ball! "

TSV Reichenbach

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