My Story

Chris Bennet Bröker – Football Freestyle Profi and BRAINKINETIK®-Trainer.

How did I get into it?

I came into contact with BRAINKINETIK® for the first time in 2009 through individual one-to-one training at Oliver Rehbach's SoccerAcademy. At that time I had one-to-one training once a week, whereby the focus was not on the footballer but on me as a person and, above all, my brain.

I got into football freestyle in 2013 through a football camp where a professional freestyler (René Mathussek) taught us the basic tricks of football freestyle. From the beginning I had a huge ambition to practice the tricks and I noticed that it is easier for me than others to learn new moves and tricks. Since then, I've been training for several hours almost every day to refine my tricks and keep improving.

Why do I do football freestyle?

Immer wenn ich freestyle fühle ich mich frei. Ich lasse meiner Kreativität freien Lauf und komme in einen positiven Zustand aus Fokus und Freude.

When freestyling, I often set myself new goals, such as a new trick. If this then works or a new combination of several tricks succeeds, I feel great joy. Even with great exertion, the focus is on enjoying the sport.

The experiences of the last few years have shown me that I learn best with enthusiasm and joy and that I can develop myself this way.

In contrast to football as a team sport, I have found something unique in football freestyle. unique gefunden.

Erfahrungen, wie Freestyle Shows und Erfolge beim Training führten zu einer enormen persönliche Entwicklung. So wandelte ich mich vom schüchternen Jungen zu einem selbstbewussten Freestyle Profi.

Which role does BRAINKINETIK® play in this?

Through my many years of BRAINKINETIK® training, I have already acquired many important skills and character traits for freestyle. For example, sticking to things even if they don't work from the start and never giving up. I also trained and networked my brain very well and thus created an important basis for the complex and coordinatively demanding movements in football freestyle.

To learn new movements and tricks, I often use my hands and arms to help by slowly demonstrating the movements and going through them in my head in order to then transfer them to my legs and thus create a new trick more quickly.

What is my life like right now?

At the moment I am still studying dual “Bachelor of Arts Fitness Economics and Fitness Sciences” and worked at freiraum33 in Crailsheim until April 2020. I have been a trained BRAINKINETIK®-Trainer since 2019 and accompany people on their own.

Now I am self-employed alongside my studies. My areas of responsibility are primarily the organization and implementation of trainings, workshops, events, coaching and courses in the fields of football, health, fitness and personal development. As a football freestyle professional, I naturally take part in many competitions and championships and am also booked internationally for freestyle shows , camps or workshops.

My greatest passion is to inspire other people and to inspire them to believe in themselves.

My successes:
  • Deutscher Meister 2021
  • German vice champion „Red Bull Street Style 2019“
  • German Freestyle Lower Champion’19 + 20′ + 21′
  • Miez Football Freestyle Champion’19
  • Lubasz Freestyle Night’19 – Top 8
  • European Football Freestyle Championship’18 – Top 32

Here you can find more Informations about BRAINKINETIK®: www.brainkinetik.de


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